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Anna – London, England

“I was an insomniac for over 15 years and had tried everything including sleeping tablets and CBT. I’d read everything I could find about sleep and relaxation. Elina’s approach is really different and powerful because it also focuses on breaking down stress-inducing patterns of behaviour in our daily lives. It really is a truly holistic approach. I’ve learned so much from Elina, and she’s genuinely passionate about helping others with sleep problems as she’s been through it herself.”

Glen – Sydney, Australia

"Thank you so much Elina for helping me understand my sleep related issues and importantly helping me solve them. I've had significant improvements in my sleep, and if I ever feel like i'm slipping back into old habits I know exactly how to get back onto the right path again. I wish I had known about you 10 years ago. Not only am I sleeping better but i'm a better version of me. I'm waking up feeling refreshed with energy. My life has changed... I can only thank you for your support and really being a part of this change for me!"

Lindsay – New York City, USA

“Elina didn’t just improve my sleep – she changed my whole life. She digs deep to find out who you are and asks you questions that challenge you to change your mindset about sleep and just life in general. Thanks to my My Sleep Coach sessions, I’ve learned to incorporate more relaxation time in my life and am sleeping better than ever. More than that: I feel better than ever. Infinite thanks to you, Elina!”

Zehavit – Sydney, Australia

“Working with Elina was the most amazing eye-opening experience! She is very intuitive and perceptive, and genuinely wants to help people improve their lives. She has helped me to understand myself better, and also relax more deeply. I highly recommend Elina’s sessions for anyone who wants to have a higher quality life. 

Annie – Sydney, Australia

“Elina is a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and positivity. She really knows how to make a difference to people's lives, and focus on what brings the best outcomes. She is great to work with and I’d fully recommend her to anyone.”

Paul – San Diego, California, USA

“After the first session I felt completely different – the transformation was amazing. I’d just forgotten how to relax. I’m so grateful to Elina for the difference she’s made to my life. I’m off sleeping tablets and I feel like a different person. I’m happier in my daily life and everyone is noticing the difference. I wish I’d found her sooner!”
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